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10 Reasons to upgrade your system with an SSD in 2024

Whether you are looking to buy a new system or upgrade an existing one, having good storage technology is crucial for great performance.

HDD (Hard Disk Drives) is perhaps the most trusted and utilized storage technology used ever since the invention of computers.

But, technology is changing day by day. We all are becoming impatient. Also, our computers are capable of processing more data within short time frames.

So, it has become very important to upgrade our traditional HDD storage solution into something faster than that.

SSD (Solid State Drive) could be the answer we all are looking for. This technology is growing day by day and that’s why I made a decision in 2020 that I should also check it out.


The results were amazing. I was not expecting the changes in the overall performance that I have received after equipping my system with an SSD.

After using my system with this new storage device for about six months, I am here to tell you my own experience.

I am going to tell you the 10 main reasons why you should also upgrade your system to an SSD. Or if you are going to buy a new laptop or desktop, why SSD should be your main priority as a storage technology?

1. SSDs are Lightweight

If you weigh a normal 2.5-inch SATA SSD, it will weigh around 50 gm. However, an M.2 SSD will weigh only about 5 gm.

Just compare it with an HDD. A 3.5-inch Hard Disk will normally have a weight of around 700 gm. Whereas, a 2.5-inch Hard Disk will weigh around 115 gm.

If you look at this difference, a hard disk will contribute a lot to the overall weight of your system. This is the reason why the laptops having SSDs weigh way lesser than those with HDDs.

If you are a computer freak like me, the weight of your system is going to matter a lot. So, that is the first benefit which I think I should address here.

2. Low Power Consumption

If we talk about most of the conventional SSDs, the average power consumption is around 5 watts. However, the consumption may vary as per the overall chips used within an SSD.

But, if you compare it with the HDDs, they normally consume power within 10 to 30 watts.

Again, this is another factor that may not make any change for most people. But, if you are building a gaming computer or any system that requires high power, effective power distribution will be critical, and you should definitely try to save as much as you can.

3. Short OS and Software loading times

Well, this is the most amazing thing about the SSDs. I have personally found more than a 100% decrease in the Windows boot time after upgrading from HDD to SSD.

Also, the software and games load very fast. However, the time may vary as per your other system components but you will see dramatic changes in booting times.

This happens because neither your processor nor RAM has to wait for the data to be fetched from the permanent storage. SSDs are built to store and provide data at faster rates.

So, whenever you open software or try to start your computer/laptop, no lags will be there from the storage side. Also, when your system boots up, you will be able to open any software instantly without waiting for the operating system to load properly.

4. Fast Copy/Pasting

If you often copy and paste files from your system to another device or vice versa, you might know the level of patience required to see that process.

HDDs make this thing even worse. Because random data retrieving can be much slower than the actual read/write speed in HDDs most of the time, those speeds can become 50 MB/s or even less.

But, SSD is the direct solution to this problem.

Whether you are buying any SSD from any brand, the normal read/write speed will be within 300 to 500 MB/s. When it comes to sequential reading/writing, the speed may go beyond 1 GB/s.

5. SSDs are more reliable and durable

Along with my smartphone, I drop my laptop a lot. Before doing this upgrade, I had replaced my recent HDD 2 times because every time I dropped my laptop, my HDD crashed. Nothing else happened to any other component.

This happens because HDDs consist of moving disk/disks which are fragile in nature. Also, driver motors, spindles, and read/write heads make them very much complex inside. So, any impact even if it has a little force, can cause damage to your hard disk.

But, SSDs are just like RAMs or any other chip. It is literally some ICs (integrated circuits) on a PCB and that is why you can expect good durability from it.

6. They are silent

I understand how much sound a desktop CPU can create when you have two or more fans working together. Our HDDs contribute to this noise more. The traditional 3.5-inch HDDs are worse in this area.

When running on its highest RPM, a 3.5-inch HDD can create sound up to 30 DBS.

Well, that’s not the case with an SSD. The SSDs work silently because there is no moving part inside them. Also, they generally produce less heat as compared to HDDs.

7. Easy to install

SSDs are smaller in size and this characteristic makes them easier to install in our systems.

You can buy a new SSD and install it on your own whether you have a laptop or desktop computer.

You need a screwdriver and user manual to install your SSD on your own.

8. SSDs are now becoming cheaper

We often hear that SSDs are not cheap. But, the difference is reducing and it has come to a satisfactory point.

If we do some calculations, the price of a 500 GB SSD will be somewhat similar to a 2 TB HDD. By adding some more money, you can easily afford a 1 TB SSD. The price will range between 120 to 150$ depending on the brand and type of SSD i.e. SATA, M.2.

In other words, SSDs are built to offer speed and performance instead of huge storage spaces. However, they are not that much costly if we look at the offerings. In my opinion, you will never regret this decision.

9. Good Return Value

SSDs have a good return value. If you want to sell a used HDD to anyone, you will never be able to get a good amount as compared to an SSD.

People often try to purchase second-hand SSDs and that is the reason why they have a good second-hand market as well.

You can hardly sell a used HDD from a good brand for more than 30$. However, a used 1 TB SSD from a good brand can easily be sold for 100$. That’s the difference between a big hollow truck at a bullet train.

10. Portable SSDs

Portable SSD is another growing sub-market in this domain. You can buy small and portable SSDs which never look like any computer peripheral. They can easily be connected to our computers or even smartphones with C-type or USB ports.

We can also use HDDs as external or portable storage devices but again, they are very bulky and less durable. If you have a portable SSD, you can easily carry it along anywhere.

Final Verdict

I hope you are now aware of the main benefits of SSDs. These all are my own opinions and experiences after upgrading my system from HDD to SSD. But, you will surely receive all of them as well.

Do not expect a good performance in any software and high FPS in games if you do not have other good components such as GPU, CPU, and RAM. However, SSD will start to give you effective results in software and OS loading from day one.

Thanks for reading!

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