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How much SSD is enough for Fortnite?

    With the advent of mobile gaming, PC games have slowly lost their popularity among casual gamers. People of all age groups today love playing games on their mobile phones. PUBG and Fortnite are two of the most popular mobile games among gamers. 

    But for hardcore Fortnite gamers, PC is still the best setting to play and enjoy. Gamers usually invest in high-end equipment and accessories to make their Fortnite experience better. A nice chair, a cool headphone, and the latest joystick, all together make the entire Fortnite gaming experience as real as it can get. 

    However,  no matter how cool your joystick or headphones are, if your PC is lousy then playing large-sized games like Fortnite won’t be a pleasant experience. That’s the only reason why Fortnite lovers should choose a PC best suitable for gaming.

    Thankfully, responding to the need of the market, companies have started rolling out PCs exclusively made for gamers. Asus ROG series is an example. 

    Fortnite gamers looking to buy a PC or laptop should look for specifications that suit their needs. One such specification that affects the performance of any computer system is memory. Both memory type and size are crucial when it comes to performance. 

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    What type of storage drive is optimal for Fortnite? 

    Talking about memory type, a solid-state drive is undoubtedly the best option for Fortnite lovers. Fortnite is a large-sized game that requires an efficient memory disk drive to be loaded properly. 

    When you play heavy games, you put a load on your drive, and normal HDDs can get heated up and might not perform well. (HDDs are also reliable for gaming if they have enough storage capacity and belong to a credible brand.)

    When you compare SSD vs HDD, you will see SSD coming out as a winner. 

    Gamers from all over the world prefer SSD as their ideal storage drive. So there should not be any doubt on why SSD is so favorable. Just because it’s fast. 

    So let’s address the burning question- 

    How much SSD do you need for Fortnite?

    The size of SSD is important to consider because Fortnite is a large-sized game. Earlier, the game was over 90 Gb in size but recent updates have decreased the size of the game. Still, It will easily consume 26 GB on your drive. Therefore, having an SSD with more than 26 GB is extremely important.

    How much SSD size is optimal for Fortnite? 

    Will a 120GB SDD do the job?

    The SSD won’t fill up when you will install Fortnite for the first time. However, when an update will roll out, the game size might decrease or increase. 

    Earlier the game used to take a whopping 90 GB in space, but updates have reduced the size of the game from 90 GB to nearly 30 GB. 

    So a 120 GB might do the job for some time but it is not the optimal SSD size for Fortnite. Out of 120 GB, roughly 109 GB would be available for storage. On top of that, you would have other stuff to store on your SSD. And not to forget, large programs and windows updates take up a large space on your disk. 

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    What about a 256 GB SSD? 

    A 256 GB SSD would load the game properly and you will have ample space for other programs and files. But in case, you store multiple large-sized games and software on your drive, 256 GB SSD might fall short. 

    For most gamers, 256 GB is just fine for playing and enjoying Fortnite seamlessly. 

    A 512 GB SSD?

    256 GB SSD is totally fine if you don’t have multiple large-sized games and the SSD is of good company. But if you play multiple games, you have large-sized software and files then even 256 GB SSD can fill up in some time.  

    Storage capacity has always been a problem with SSD. So going with 512 GB SSD is the best option. Gamers should use a 512 GB SSD for optimal Fortnite experience. 

    1 TB SSD 

    Is going with an SSD that has a storage capacity of 1 TB fair? It is totally fine to level up and get a 1 TB SSD. When you have a TB SSD, the need for having a secondary HDD disk could be complete eradicated. 

    1 TB SSD would not only you give you more freedom to use the storage capacity but it would also turn out to be the most robust SSD you can get in the market. 

    All in all, 1 TB SSD is a great choice fir hardcore gamers. 

    Which SSD is best for Fortnite? 

    You should be careful while choosing an SSD brand. We have talked about the optimal SSD storage capacity for Fortnite, but the quality is yet another parameter to look at.  

    To help you make a well-informed decision, here are some of the best SSD’s available in the market for games like Fortnite-

    1. CRUCIAL MX500 500GB (SATA)

    Suitable for both Mac and Windows.

    It feels great when you own a 1 TB SSD, but you don’t always need that much space. For most of us, a 512 GB SSD is enough. 

    Even though you prefer 1 TB, your budget can force you to choose 500 GB SSDs. 

    In the 500 GB SSD market, Crucial MX500 comes out to be the boss. This SATA SSD delivers fair value for money. Many call it the cheapest and nicest SSD. 

    2. ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 1TB (M.2 NVMe)

    Suitable for both Mac and Windows.

    ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 1TB has been rated the best SSD for games. Multiple factors make this SSD so favorable for playing games like Fortnite. 

    The SSD has a storage capacity of as much as 1 TB. Only a few SSDs come with such storage capacity. Storing large-sized games on this SSD won’t be a problem. And games would load as swiftly as they can. 

    Another thing that makes this SSD so popular for gaming is it’s the price. The SSD is available at a reasonable price and that reasonable price seems even cheaper when you look at other brands offering similar specifications. 

    3. SAMSUNG 970 PRO 1TB (M.2 NVMe)

    Suitable for both Mac and Windows.

    Samsung is one of the most renowned SSD brands. Their SSDs are not only reliable but also robust. This NVMe SSD is by far the best of its type. 

    One of the fastest solid-state drives available in the market, SAMSUNG 970 PRO also has a massive storage capacity of 1 TB. 1 TB is again more than enough for all the popular PC games combined. 

    This SSD should be on your wishlist if you want a fast, reliable SSD, and one that belongs to a renowned brand. 

    4. SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS 500GB (M.2 NVMe)

    Suitable for both Mac and Windows.

    Samsung won’t let any brand win the best SSD tag that easily. This SSD is fast, reliable, robust or anything you want to call it. 

    What is more interesting is that– SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS is not any expensive than its predecessor SSD. Getting this SSD is a fair deal for the gamers who love Fortnite.

    Final words 

    I hope you got the answer– a 512 GB SSD is the best option for Fortnite lovers. Anything more than that might be unnecessary. 

    However, you need to be aware of the fact that gaming performance does not only depend on the storage type and capacity. The system’s performance largely depends on its CPU and other components. 

    Though using Fortnite and other large-sized games on SSD is the best option, for most cases even good HDDs can do the job. 

    I hope we addressed your problem. Thanks for reading. 

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