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Top 6 Best SSDs for Video Editing [20232]

    Video editing is not easy work. It’s a field where you should be able to create a blend of creativity and technology. For the best results, your computer should also have all the capabilities to process, render, and edit the desired videos.

    So, without talking much about the other things, let’s come directly to the point. SSDs are in the field of PC-building for a long ago. But, they are still underrated. The reason could be anything. But, if you are a video editor or learning video editing, you should definitely think about having a system with an SSD.

    The simple reason why SSDs are good for video editing is their ability to read and write the data at a very fast pace. As compared to HDDs, SSDs can write and read data at a 5 to 10x faster speed. This directly results in reduced system booting time and software opening times as well.

    But, when it comes to the rendering, file opening, file saving, and previewing in video editing, everything will be improved with an SSD. In this way, even if you have a system with less amount of RAM, your SSD will boost the editing performance a lot. So, in this article, I am going to give you a brief overview of the best SSDs for video editing in 2023.

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    Should you go for an external or internal SSD?

    This depends on your personal preferences. But, if you want to increase the overall performance of your laptop or computer, I would suggest going for an internal SSD. However, if you use your laptop just for video editing occasionally, an external SSD will also be good.

    You can read this article to know how to install software in an external SSD. So, you can use your external SSD to install the editing program and save your files as well.

    However, installing an SSD on the laptop or desktop is also pretty easy. You can do it on your own. In a nutshell, if you are looking to make your laptop/desktop snappy, just go for an internal SSD and install your OS inside it. I have written another article discussing everything about the impacts of SSD on booting and the process as well.

    In this article below, I am going to give you a list of both internal and external SSDs. So, just keep reading and buy the one that suits you best.

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    List of Best External/Portable SSDs for Video Editing

    So, here is a list of the three best portable SSDs for video editing. You can pick any of them as per your preferences.

    1. Crucial X6 Portable SSD [Best in All]

    crucial x6 ssd image

    This is one of the best external SSD you can choose for either your laptop or a desktop PC as well. This SSD is available in four different variants such as 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. You can either buy it with a USB-A adapter or a C-type adapter.

    The highest speed will remain around 540MB/s but consider connecting it with the USB-3 port for the best results. The SSD is very amazing in looks and it doesn’t require any external power source to work with.

    Not only with your PC and for video editing, but you can also use it with your gaming consoles and mobile phones. It has another version known as X8 which comes with a massive speed of 1050MB/s. But, the X6 version is enough to get the most out of your video editing software and system.

    Features of Crucial X6 Portable SSD

    1. Great build quality
    2. Easy to setup and use
    3. Available in various storage space options
    4. Buy either with USB or Type-C adapter
    5. Inexpensive

    2. SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD [A Branded Product For Everyone]

    samsung t7 portable ssd image

    The product is great in looks and is available in three different storage variants i.e. 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. The maximum speed offered by this SSD is 1050MB/s and that is the reason why it’s a little bit pricier than the SSD we have discussed above.

    For the connection, you can make use of a type-C port. However, the data transfer speed will depend on the USB version of your system. If it’s USB 3.2 2nd generation, you will be able to get its maximum speed. If it’s just USB 3.0, you will be able to get around 300MB/s. So, think twice before picking this SSD. If your system has a USB 3.0, it is good to go for the first SSD.

    This SSD has a Dynamic thermal guard to save it from excessive heat. Password security is another great feature. In simple words, if you are ready to buy a little bit expensive but a faster portable SSD for video editing, this one is the best option for you.

    Features of SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD

    1. High-speed SSD (up to 1050MB/s)
    2. Great build quality (can withstand drops from 6 ft.)
    3. Very less heating problems
    4. 9.5 times faster than the traditional HDDs

    3. SanDisk 500GB Extreme PRO Portable External SSD [A Durable Pick]

    sandisk extreme pro ssd image

    SanDisk is known for its storage devices. And here, this brand is again impressing its users with a great portable SSD. The SanDisk Extreme Pro is available in three different storage versions including 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Along with that, you can either pick its affordable but old generation variant with maximum speed up to 1050MB/s or the new generation version offering a speed up to 2000MB/s.

    You can either use your device’s USB or Type-C port to connect this SSD. The maximum read/write speed of this SSD will depend directly on the specification of your system and the USB version. Not only with computers and laptops, but you can also use this SSD with your gaming console, smartphone, tablets, etc.

    This SSD has a rugged design with amazing build quality. The heat is perfectly managed by this device’s aluminum body. The size of this SSD is very compact. In fact, you can carry it in your pocket. And, this is the reason why it’s a great pick for external use.

    Key Features of SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD

    1. High-Speed SSD (up to 1050 MB/s)
    2. Easy to carry and durable quality
    3. 5-Years manufacturer warranty
    4. High impact resistance because of its silicon coating

    List of Best Internal SSDs for Video Editing

    Choosing the right internal SSD for any kind of laptop or desktop will be easy with this SSD buying guide 2023. Now, let’s see the best internal SSDs that you should definitely choose for your video editing system.

    1. SAMSUNG 860 EVO [A branded SATA SSD]

    samsung 860 evo ssd image

    While suggesting the best SSD for video editing to anyone, I never forget the most popular SSD which is great to improve rendering and the overall system performance. SAMSUNG 860 EVO comes with the SATA interface which means it can offer you around 550MB/s read/write speed (as per the company).

    The SSD is available in different storage sizes starting from 250GB to 4TB. Just like the above one, it is very easy to install this SSD on any laptop or desktop working with a traditional hard drive. But, this one will surely give you a great performance. Along with that, SAMSUNG 860 EVO has massive 1.5 Million hours reliability (MTBF).

    This SSD is a little bit pricier but the speed and reliability in this one are more. So, if you have a good budget, you can go for SAMSUNG 860 EVO. Otherwise, the first option is always the first.

    Key Features of SAMSUNG 860 EVO SSD

    1. Using the SAMSUNG V-NAND Technology
    2. Great random read/write speed
    3. 5-years manufacturer warranty
    4. AES 256-bit encryption

    2. Kingston A400 [A DRAM-Less but Affordable SSD]

    kingstor a400 sata ssd image

    I have ranked this SSD on the first place because it will fit all the computers and laptop which are already working with the HDDs. In fact, I am also using this SSD’s M.2 version on my laptop.

    Believe me, this SSD just worth the price. In fact, it is competing with all the popular SSD out there which are way more expensive than this.

    This SSD comes only in the SATA interface. So, whether your buy a SATA 2.5″ or an M.2 version, you will get the speed up to 500MB/s. This read/write speed is enough to run any popular video editing program on your computer without any hassle. The SSD is available in five different storage capacities i.e. 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, and 2TB.

    Kingston A400 is great for both desktops and laptops. As per the availability of ports, you can choose its lighter M.2 version or the traditional 2.5″ version. The 2.5″ will be a little bit cheaper but have extra weight and size.

    Key Features of Kingston A400

    1. Easy to install
    2. Available in two form factors (SATA and M.2)
    3. 120GB storage option available for low-end systems
    4. Affordable as compared to the competitors
    5. 5 Year Warranty period

    3. Crucial P5 [The overall best M.2 NVMe SSD]

    crucial p5 ssd image

    Before starting, I would suggest you read this article if you don’t know when and where you should install an NVMe SSD. The Crucial P5 is an NVMe SSD that can offer you a speed of up to 3400MB/s. This speed is much more than any SSD we have discussed above. So, make sure to check that your system is capable to run PCIe NVMe SSD before buying it.

    The Crucial P5 is available in four different storage variants including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. The NVMe SSDs are generally costlier than the SATA SSDs. So, consider going with a smaller drive if you have a limited budget. You can use it to install the OS and keep your HDD for raw data storage.

    Crucial P5 SSD is highly durable and using the 3D NAND technology for data storage. So, when you combine it with other high-end PC hardware components, you can expect extreme performance boost in any kind of video editing works.

    Key Features of Crucial P5

    1. High Speed NVMe drive (up to 3500MB/s)
    2. Great for professional video editors
    3. Long life and high durability because of low heat
    4. 5-years warranty

    Final Verdict

    I hope you will now find it easier to pick the right SSD for video editing. Choosing any SSD as a video editor will help you experience fast rendering and a snappy user experience. So, make sure to pick any one of them and get ready to see the difference.

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