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Can SSD Fix Game Stuttering?

    Does SSD Fix Game Stuttering? Find Out Here. 

    Playing PC games is fun but when they stutter, the experience is not the best. 

    Games today are large and they need more processing power and speed than ever. So if you are thinking to run a 2021 PC game on a 90’s computer then I am sorry but it won’t work. 

    The problem is– even when people have decent computers, it still stutters while playing games. For casual gamers, stuttering is an issue, but for professional gamers even micro stuttering is a critical issue. 

    If you have also faced this issue, you might be wondering about the cause and how to fix it. So here it is.

    One thing to note is– an SSD will only fix stuttering if it’s the hard drive causing you issues. 

    If you notice that the issue is with framerates, then playing with your storage drives won’t make any difference. GPU is responsible for framerates in games, so it is the GPU that causes framerates problem.

    What causes Game stuttering? 

    Game stuttering is delays and frame drops in between gameplay. When games stutter, players often find it difficult to play efficiently. Stuttering can even put a strain on your eyes while playing. 

    But, when you look at the frame rates, they will be at a decent rate. They may not reduce but you will feel the lagging frames in all the games.

    Unfortunately, there could be numerous things causing this issue and it is not easy to detect your one.

    There could be multiple reasons why a game stutters. 

    The stuttering might occur because of inefficient ram or computer resources, faulty drivers, viruses, or anything else. Multiple factors contribute to stuttering while playing games.

    If you notice that your PC stutters only when you play a particular game, then it could be a sign that the game demands more processing power than what your PC can deliver. 

    The burning question is– how can you avoid PC stuttering while playing games? 

    The very first thing you want to make sure of is that you have enough RAM to support the game. RAM plays a very crucial role in gaming performance, the more RAM you have the better it is. 

    Another thing to check is your PC has all the resources the game demands, like an updated OS, GPU, and graphics driver. 

    You would want to play the game on a frame rate your PC could best support and set setting optimal for your PC like graphical settings. Often, the discrepancy between the framerates of your monitor and GPU causes stuttering, consider fixing it with the help of VSync. 

    What about an SSD? Time to switch? 

    Another thing to check is if your storage drive is good enough to support the game. But does storage drives even make a difference? 

    Yes, the kind of storage drive does make a difference while playing games. When you play games, data is constantly fetched from your storage drive, and if your storage drive is slow, it could lead to stuttering. 

    The solution is getting a high-speed storage drive. SSDs to be exact are best suited for gaming. SSD uses flash memory for reading and writing data which makes them very fast than HDDs. 

    An SSD could supply your PC with data 10 times faster than an HDD. Added to that, SSD generally doesn’t consume too much CPU resources. 

    Installing your game on an SSD of good size could lead to faster loading of the game and smooth gameplay. 

    You can check the resource monitor to see what is going on in your drive when you are playing games. This will give you a hint if it is your storage drive that is the cause of stuttering. 

    An SSD can also avoid hitching issues by loading all the required assets from storage very fast and easily. 

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    Does SSD fix stuttering? 

    As said it depends on what exactly is causing stuttering? If it is your RAM then it is unreasonable to blame your hard drive for it. 

    If the convict is the RAM, try closing all the applications before you launch your game, just to make sure your RAM is not busy with other tasks while you play the game. You might also want to upgrade your RAM.

    An SSD would only solve the stuttering issue if it is your hard drive that is causing the issue. But for sure, an SSD does impact the gaming experience. An SSD is not only faster but also more reliable and consumes less power and all these factors do matter for gamers. 

    Thanks for reading and hope it helps. 

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