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Crucial MX500 vs Samsung 870 Evo: Which one should you buy?

Crucial MX500 is one of the most popular SATA SSD offered by Crucial. At the same time, Samsung 870 Evo is also a very impressive SATA SSD from Samsung. So, if you are confused between them both, I have tried to solve your problem here. In this article, we will cover all the important aspects which will help you make a perfect decision.

As we all know that these both SSDs use the SATA protocol, the speed would never go beyond 600MB/s. So, whether you are using any of these SSDs, don’t expect anything more than that. However, because the Crucial MX500 and Samsung 870 Evo are competing hard in this domain, various people want to know which one is the best between these both. So, in this article, we are going to reveal the same by doing some straight comparisons. Now, without any further delays, let’s get started.

Let’s see what are the key offerings given by the manufacturers of these SSDs. Comparing them will give you a good idea of what you can expect from them.

SpecificationCrucial MX500 (1TB)Samsung 870 Evo (1TB)
Sequential Read Speed560 MB/s560 MB/s
Sequential Write Speed510 MB/s530 MB/s
Random Read (IOPS)95K98K
Random Write (IOPS)90K88K
Form Factor2.5″ and M.2 SATA2.5″ SATA
Capacities250 GB to 2 TB250 GB to 4 TB
WarrantyLimited 5-YearsLimited 5-Years

With these numbers, we can clearly see that the Samsung 870 Evo has some better things to offer. Total endurance, sequential write speed, random read speed is better in Samsung 870 Evo. Whereas the Crucial MX500 is winning the other things such as M.2 Form Factor, and random write speed.

The theoretical specifications can say anything but we should not trust them before using the product personally. To help you with this, we have done the live benchmarks which will help you understand the core capabilities of these SSDs. The tests were done on an Intel i5 10th generation PC with 8 GB of RAM. The results may vary depending on your system specs and the total space filled on your SSD.

Sequential Read (Avg.)Sequential Write (Avg.) Random Read (Avg.) Random Write (Avg.)
498 MB/s457 MB/s55.2 MB/s102.7 MB/s
Sequential Read (Avg.)Sequential Write (Avg.) Random Read (Avg.) Random Write (Avg.)
495 MB/s479 MB/s62.8 MB/s115.5 MB/s

There are no serious differences between these SSDs if we look at their benchmark scores. However, the Samsung 870 Evo is winning over the MX500 in terms of random read and write speeds.

Both these SSDs are great in terms of reliability as well. They offer a good warranty period along with the TBW limits. Let’s compare them below.

SpecificationsCrucial MX500Samsung 870 Evo
TBW (Terabytes Written)100(250GB) – 700(2TB)150(250GB) – 2400(4TB)
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)1.8 Million Hours1.5 Million Hours

The reliability factor of both these SSDs is good enough. We are getting what we are paying for. For a normal or even a hardcore computer user, these numbers are just great.

SpecificationCrucial MX500Samsung 870 Evo
NAND Type and Layers64/96 Layers 3D TLC NAND128 Layers 3D TLC NAND
ControllerSMI SM2258Samsung MKX
Controller ConfigurationsSingle-Core, 4-Channels, 8-CE/ChannelTri-Core, 8-Channels, 8-CE/channel

In terms of NAND, DRAM, and Controller configurations, the Samsung 870 Evo is way better than the Crucial MX500. This might be the reason why 870 Evo was performing better in random read/write tests.

Price is another one of the major factors affecting your decision. So, it becomes important to compare the prices of both these SSDs here because the differences are huge. The Samsung 870 Evo is way pricier than the MX500 even after having slightly similar features.

The prices of MX500 250GB are starting from 42.99$. But, the same capacity of 870 Evo can be priced for around 56$. The price difference between the 1TB versions of both is of around 30$ and 2TB of around 90$. So, if you are looking just for an affordable yet effective SSD between the both, Crucial MX500 is surely the best pick.

In my opinion, the Crucial MX500 is the best pick in terms of price and features. As we saw earlier, there is very little difference in the benchmark scores. Also, the MX500 is a well-known product in this field. However, it was lacking in terms of random read/write speeds.

The Samsung 870 Evo is a perfect option for those who are finding a perfect balance between speed, reliability, and other specifications. However, the Samsung 870 Evo is way pricier than the MX500. So, if you are finding the best quality product from a company like Samsung, the 870 Evo should be your pick. But, if you ask me to choose between them both, I would go for MX500 because of its impressive results at a reasonable price.

ImageModelFeatures and SpecsPrice
Samsung 870 EvoCapacity: 250GB – 4TB
Interface: SATA
Speed: 550/510 MB/s
Endurance: 2,400 TBW
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Crucial MX500Capacity: 250GB – 4TB
Interface: SATA
Speed: 560/530 MB/s
Endurance: Up to 700 TBW
Check Price
Samsung 970 Evo PlusCapacity: 250GB – 2TB
Interface: PCIe 3.0
Speed: 3500/2500 MB/s
Endurance: 1200 TBW
Check Price!
Crucial P5Capacity: 250GB – 2TB
Interface: PCIe 3.0
Speed: 3400/3000 MB/s
Endurance: 1200 TBW
Check Price!
Kingston A2000Capacity: 250GB – 1TB
Interface: PCIe 3.0
Speed: 2200/2000 MB/s
Endurance: 600 TBW
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