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Crucial P1 vs Samsung 970 EVO: Complete comparison!

Crucial P1 SSDs are available at an affordable price, then why buyers prefer Samsung SSDs? Obliviously, this question will be rolling in your mind. There may be a reason for investing in Samsung 970 SSDs. Want to compare the Crucial P1 and Samsung 970 EVO? I’m here to assist you with the same. Investing a few minutes to read the whole article, will help to compare the features, price, and other information for both NVMe SSDs.

After comparing both the SSDs, it’s pretty clear that Samsung 970 EVO is the “Winner”. Though the price is less for Crucial P1 compared to Samsung 970 EVO, considering the features Samsung 970 EVO is the more reliable choice. Check out the difference for the NVMe SSDs to gain a better understanding.

Crucial P1 vs Samsung 970 Evo: Which one choose and Why? 

To have the best choice, you must have a better understanding of the Product. Crucial and Samsung are competitive brands, before investing in any of them it’s good to recognize more reliable and durable SSD. Let’s explore the necessary information to determine the best NVMe SSD to invest in.

1. Storage Space

Considering storage, Samsung 970 EVO includes more variants compared to Crucial P1 NVMe SSDs. Have a look at variants for both SSDs. 

Crucial P1: 500GB/1TB/ 2TB

Samsung 970 EVO: 250GB/500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB

Now, if you’re intending to have extra storage then, you know the better choice. It’s Samsung 970 EVO, you can obtain up to 2TB Storage Space which is one of the best storages in the NVMe SSDs category.

Note: The Read/Write speed increases with higher variants, investing in a higher variant will get you increased R/W speed. Let’s explore the Read/Write for each variant of Crucial P1 and Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDs.

2. Sequential Read/Write Speed (Theoretical)

Let’s see and compare the sequential read/write speeds of both the SSDs. These speeds are promised by the companies. We will come to the actual benchmarks of the same further.

Read/Write Speed of Crucial P1

VariantSeq. Read SpeedSeq. Write Speed
500 GB1900 MB/s950 MB/s
1 TB2000 MB/s1900 MB/s
2 TB2000 MB/s1750 MB/s

Read/Write Speed of Samsung 970 EVO

VariantSeq. Read SpeedSeq. Write Speed
250 GB3400 MB/s1500 MB/s
500 GB3400 MB/s2300 MB/s
1 TB3400 MB/s2500 MB/s
2 TB3500 MB/s2500 MB/s

3. Input/Output Operations Per Second (4KB Random )

Samsung 970 EVO delivers 2x Random IOPS compared to Crucial P1. Each variant of the Samsung 970 NVMe SSD is faster compared to Crucial P1 NVMe SSDs. Smart Buyers would intend to acquire better speed investing a bit more on Samsung NVMe SSDs. Though Crucial P1 SSDs are preferred by buyers, it’s not a bad choice but you have a better option available in the market.

Random IOPS R/W Speed of Crucial P1 (Theoretical)

VariantRead IOPSWrite IOPS
500 GB90,000220,000
1 TB170,000240,000
2 TB250,000250,000

Random IOPS R/W Speed of Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD

VariantRead IOPSWrite IOPS
250 GB200,000350,000
500 GB370,000450,000
1 TB500,000450,000
2 TB500,000480,000

4. Benchmark Scores

Note: These are average benchmarks with 100% empty space in the 1TB version of both the SSD. The tests were done on an i7 8th generation processor with 3200 MHz RAM. The actual speeds may vary depending on your system configurations.

Crucial P1 (1 TB) Benchmark Scores

VariantSeq. ReadSeq. Write4K Read4K Write
1 TB1483 MB/s1361 MB/s57.6 MB/s140 MB/s

Samsung 970 EVO Benchmark Scores

VariantSeq. ReadSeq. Write4K Read4K Write
1 TB2330 MB/s2118 MB/s60.5 MB/s145 MB/s

The SAMSUNG 970 Evo is again winning the war when tested under tough practical situations. The SSD performed well both in sequential and random data read/write operations.

5. SSD Endurance Terabytes Written

Crucial P1 TBW (Tera-bytes Written)

500 GB100 TBW
1 TB200 TBW
2 TB400 TBW

Samsung 970 EVO TBW (Tera-bytes Written)

250 GB150 TBW
500 GB300 TBW
1 TB600 TBW
2 TB1200 TBW

What is TBW? TBW stands for Terabytes Written which helps to indicate the Lifespan of an NVMe SSD. More, Terabytes Written indicates better durability. After, comparing TBW of each variant, the result is the same. SAMSUNG is again beating Crucial. This may make your decision much more straightforward.

6. Price Difference

Note: The stated price for Samsung 970 EVO may differ depending on market price and demand, nowadays there is more demand for the latest model of Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD. Check out the blog Samsung 970 EVO vs 970 EVO Plus for detailed information on both the popular Samsung NVMe SSDs. 

7. Other Differences

1. Bus Type/Form Factor

The form factor (interface) for both NVMe SSDs is M.2. The interface is PCIe 3.0 x4. and the protocol is NVMe 1.3.

2. NAND Type

Crucial P1 NVMe SSD is based on Micron 64 Layer 3D QLC NAND. This might be the reason why P1 comes with less TBW as compared to the 970 Evo.

Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD is based on Samsung 3D TLC V-NAND. This one also has 64 layers of NAND.

3. Controller Type

Crucial P1 SSDs include Silicon Motion SM2263 controller which has two cores and 4-Channels.

The Samsung 970 EVO SSDs include its own Samsung’s Phoenix Penta-Core, 4-Channel Controller.

If we compare both, the SAMSUNG Phoenix is much more powerful than the SM2263. This is one of the main reasons why 970 EVO is beating the P1 everywhere.


Both the NVMe SSDs include different Cache Storages depending on Variants. Check out the DRAM for each variant of Crucial P1 and Samsung 970 EVO SSDs. 

Crucial P1 DRAM (Cache Type)
VariantDRAM Type and Size
Crucial P1 500GB512MB DDR3
Crucial P1 1TB1GB DDR3
Crucial P1 2TB2GB DDR4
SAMSUNG 970 Evo DRAM (Cache Type)
VariantDRAM Type and Size
Samsung 970 EVO 500512MB LPDDR4
Samsung 970 EVO 1TB1GB LPDDR4
Samsung 970 EVO 2TB2GB LPDDR4

What is the warranty period for these SSDs?

One of the common factors for both the Crucial P1 and Samsung 970 EVO is Warranty. Both the brands offer 5 Years for the warranty to buyers. 

Software for SSD Routine Health Check-up

You have to rely on compatible SSD software to have a routine health check-up for SSDs. Both Crucial and Samsung brands have their SSD-based software which helps users to perform the below-stated tasks.

  • Check New Firmware Updates
  • Perform Secure Erase
  • Fix Minor Bugs
  • Check System temperature
  • Gain Drive Details
  • Disk Test
  • S.M.A.R.T Diagnostic
  • Boost up the R/W speed



What are my Views on both (Which one should you buy?)

I would suggest you invest in Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDs because it’s a more durable and reliable SSD compared to Crucial P1 SSDs. You can obtain better Read/Write speed, more TBW (Terabytes Written) Though, the price is a bit more compared to Crucial P1 NVMe SSDs but it’s a good choice to invest in.

However, the P1 is also a good option for the people who are good with lesser read/write speeds. The cache storage and controller is good in Crucial P1. So, you will not regret investing in it. But, if you ask me to choose between the both, I would go with the SAMSUNG 970 Evo.


I hope now you will be able to pick the right one for you. There is no question with the durability and cache of both these products. But, if we talk about the practical applications, 970 Evo is going to give you great results.

Thanks for reading!!

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