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Kingston NV1 vs Crucial P2: Which one should you buy?

We all know Crucial P2. It’s an old player in the field of computer storage. But, Kingston is launching new products regularly and NV1 is its new one that promises a great performance at an affordable price.

I know it’s not easy to choose between these both because the offerings may look similar. Both of them come in the budget NVMe category. Both of them have no DRAM cache and lots of other similarities. But, in my opinion, it is very easy to make a decision between them both.

So, in this article, I am going to cover every important thing which will clear everything and by the end of this article, you will go with a decision in your hand. Now, without any further delays, let’s get started.

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Let’s uncover and compare the key offerings specified by the companies for these products.

SpecificationsCrucial P2Kingston NV1
Storage Variants250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Sequential Read Speed2400 MB/s (Max.)2100 MB/s (Max.)
Sequential Write Speed1900 MB/s (Max.)1700 MB/s (Max.)
Random 4K Read Speed500GB: 170,000 IOPSNot Specified
Random 4K Write Speed500GB: 215,000 IOPS (500GB)Not Specified
Endurance2TB Variant: 600 TBW2TB Variant: 480 TBW

Crucial P2 Data Sheet

Kingston NV1 Data Sheet

Crucial P2 is capable of offering a better read/write speed. Also, the warranty period of P2 is two years more than the NV1. Let’s test them in the next section.

I have tested both these SSDs using the CrystalDiskInfo Software on my Intel i5 8th Generation laptop with 8 GB 3000MHz RAM. The results are as follows. These tests were done only on 1TB variants and the SSD storage was 0% filled. The results may vary on your system depending on its specs, total storage filled, and various other factors.

ResultsCrucial P2 (1TB)Kingston NV1 (1TB)
Sequential Read (Average)2105 MB/s2036 MB/s
Sequential Write (Average)1504 MB/s1741 MB/s
Random 4K Read Q32T16 (Average)57 MB/s52 MB/s
Random 4K Write Q32T16 (Average)149 MB/s127 MB/s

It is not easy to detect the better one between the both with these benchmark scores. Both the SSDs are almost equal in all terms. So, let’s compare some other things and reach a fine decision.

If an SSD has high endurance, it means it is reliable and can last longer. So, let’s compare the total endurance of these both and see which one is more reliable.

Storage VariantCrucial P2Kingston NV1
250 GB150 TBW60 TBW
500 GB150 TBW120 TBW
1 TB300 TBW240 TBW
2 TB600 TBW480 TBW

The Crucial P2 is coming with high TBW ratings. The difference is practical and huge. So, it means that the P2 is going to be much more effective and reliable for you.

Note: TBW means Terabytes Written. It is the total limit of how much data you can read and write on your SSD. The more the TBW, the longer will be your SSD’s life.

The Crucial P2 is using 96 Layers of Micron’s TLC/QLC 3D NAND. Whereas the NV1 is equipped with only TLC NAND.

If we talk about the DRAM, both of them don’t have DRAM Buffer. However, these both make the best use of HMB (Host Memory Buffer) for cache purposes.

Crucial P2 has a single-core, 4-channels Phison E13T controller.

Kingston NV1 has a dual-core, 4-channels SMI SM2263XT controller.

If we look at the controller, the NV1 has a better offering for you. This might be the reason why NV1 is capable of beating the P2 even after having similar specifications.

Price is another one of the main factors which may impact your decision. So, it is worth understanding that whether the higher price of the Crucial P2 really worth it or is it fine to go with the latest NV1.

crucial p2 image
Kingston NV1 Product Image

You can clearly see that all the variants of Crucial P2 as slightly pricier as compared to the NV1. But, is it really worth this price. Let’s discuss that below.

Both of these SSDs are great and somewhat similar if we look at the offerings. However, there are certain differences between the prices and the benchmark scores. But, because NV1 has a better controller and a lesser price, I would suggest you choose this one for sure.

But, the NV1 has a 3-years warranty whereas the P2 has 5-years and this is another thing to consider. So, if the warranty period is much important for you, it is better to go with the P2.

Both the brands have a great reputation in the computer storage market. But, if you ask me to pick one from these, I would go with the NV1.

Thanks for reading.

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Vivek Anand
Vivek Anand
2 years ago

Thanks a lot for this. Going with the NV1.

Ez Commons
Ez Commons
2 years ago

You forgot the TBW.

2 years ago

This might be the reason why NV1 is capable of beating the P2 even after having similar specifications.”


Bob Yeeterson
Bob Yeeterson
2 years ago

This helped sooo much, my decision is much clearer now. Going with NV1. Thank you so much

2 years ago

What if both of them have the same price in my country which one is better?

1 year ago

why should I go with nv1 when p2 has more speed & warranty?