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ORICO M.2 NVMe+SATA Enclosure (FV35C3-G2) First Overview

    We have talked about the best M.2 SSD Enclosures earlier and you guys loved that article. But, today, I just received another M.2 SATA+NVMe SSD Enclosure from ORICO. Yes, it supports both NVMe and SATA M.2 SSDs. The model number name is FV35C2-G2.

    This enclosure is capable of offering your 1000 MB/s data read/write speed.

    It comes with a USB and Type-C cable connector, a heat-vest, thermal pad, plastic screws, and Type-C to Type-C/USB cable. This enclosure has some pros as well as some cons which we are going to talk about in this review. What we want to know here is whether this product is worth your money or not.

    This is not a complete review but my first impressions of this new enclosure. I will publish a review or update this article later on with some more information. So, without any delays, let’s get started.

    The enclosure is rugged and is made up of Aluminum. It comes with a dedicated metallic vest to help SSD dissipate heat to the body properly. It looks tough for sure. So, even if you drop it, you will face no issues at all.

    This enclosure doesn’t offer tool-free installation. You will have to use a small screwdriver to take the back cover out. After that, you will have to install your M.2 SSD with the metallic cover on it.

    The installation is pretty easy and once the SSD is installed and the back cover is on, you can use this enclosure just like an external SSD.

    You don’t need to use screws to install the SSD. It comes with two plastic retention clips. Also, it comes with the heat sink which you can use over the SSD and then place the metallic cover on it.

    You can use all kinds of M.2 SSDs on this enclosure. In the market, you will see most of the enclosures will support M.2 SATA SSDs. But, here you are getting support for both M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA SSDs. However, you can’t get the maximum speed offered by NVMe SSDs because of the USB interface. We are going to talk about that later.

    This enclosure can work with USB Type-C and Gen-3 protocols. So, whatever speed your SSD has to offer, it will get restricted by the USB interface. So, it can create a massive bottleneck for NVMe SSDs.

    In my opinion, it would be good to install an M.2 SATA SSD in order to get the most out of this product. You can go for the NVMe SSDs as well but most of its speed will be compromised just because of that slow USB interface. I have talked about the USB interfaces right here.

    So, theoretically, all kinds of M.2 SSDs are supported by this enclosure. However, you will never be able to receive the read/write speed as you will expect with any supported laptop or desktop.

    As we discussed earlier, the highest speed of your NVMe SSD will get bottlenecked but how much of this will happen?

    So, on the package, you can see that this enclosure can work at the highest speed of 10 Gbps only. It sums up to around 1.25 GB/s or 1250 MB/s. This number is for the NVMe SSDs only.

    For SATA SSDs, the maximum speed will be 6 Gbps. This calculates to 750 MB/s or 0.75 GB/s.

    Now, if you want to use any SSD that has a read/write speed more than this, you can’t get it by any chance. Because the speed is restricted by the actual protocol being used for the data transmission, you can’t do anything to reach those levels.

    If you check Amazon, this product is priced for around 34 US$. So, it is way better than the competitors. I have discussed some other good M.2 SSD enclosures in this article. But, this one is definitely a good pick for those with very tight budgets.

    We just talked about the build quality in the article above. But, when we want to know about longevity, it is a matter of time. So, I will have to keep testing this product and then I can come to the conclusion. However, this enclosure comes with a warranty period of 12 months which is definitely a good thing to see at this price point.

    Definitely, it is a worthy product. There are very few enclosures in the market, that will support both SATA and NVMe SSDs. So, you can get it with a free mind without thinking much about compatibility.

    Yes, you can find some other cheap enclosures but I personally found it pretty durable. The cable that comes along with it is also pretty tough.

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