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How to Setup HDD+SSD Combo (Easy Steps)


    Well we all know that SSD is the best ever upgrade that a computer/Laptop can ever get. When your priorities are speed and gaming experience, SSD wins the competition in every aspect when compared to normal mechanical hard drives.

    Many users have shifted their systems to SSD while some are on their way. While I was replacing my traditional HDD with an SSD, there was a question in my mind that why shouldn’t I use both the drives at same time on the same device?

    Also there was a query in my mind if using both the drives at same time will affect my system’s performance. Anyhow I managed to use both the drives simultaneously with no lags and managing both the drives was also quite easy for me.

    This article is going to be all about  using an SSD and HDD together in a device. I will be telling you the way to set up both the storage devices and how to manage them? So, Stick to this post till the end to know how to set up both SSD and HDD on your systems and a few reasons why you should use both the drives simultaneously.

    Let’s start:

    How To Set Up An SSD And HDD On Your System Simultaneously?

    Since SSDs are high in price and often fall short of memory when you have a lot of movies collection. So here comes the need of using SSD and HDD at the same time.

    There are a couple of ways that you can use to set up your SSD and HDD in the same device and then use them simultaneously. Some of them are lengthy and confusing and some of them are quite easy to follow.

    I have come up with some great methods that can help you in using your both drives at the same time. Here is the list of some really easy methods that can help you in setting up SSD+HDD on your system. Here we go:-

    Technical Setup In Laptop

    Firstly, I will take you through the technical setup that you need to do. Just follow the steps as written here and you will be done with the process. 

    You will require two main components for the physical setup. They are an SSD of your preferable storage and a caddy to mount the SSD in the proper way. Did I mention that SSDs are placed in a DVD slot by removing the DVD component? 

    1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard and type “Device Manager”.

    2. Come down and locate the “DVD/CD-ROM” option.

    3. Click on DVD/CD-ROM option and open the drop-down option.

    You will see a Model no. in dropdown.

    Copy that model no. and search on google. You will get the appropriate caddy for your laptop from different eCommerce sites. You can order that or buy it from your local store.

    Usually, Caddy comes in two different sizes of 9.5mm and 12.7mm. You need to check the suitable one for your laptop. Here are the simple ways to check the suitable one for your laptop.

    Things to buy:

    In order to fit your SSD inside your DVD-Drive chamber, you will need an appropriate caddy. Caddy will be used to properly place and attach your SSD with the main DVD-Drive frame. So, as per the size of your DVD-Drive, you can pick the right Caddy for you.

    Buy 9.5 mm SATA Caddy

    Buy 12.7 mm SATA Caddy

    Replacing DVD Components With SSD on Laptop

    You will need a tool kit to open the laptop. No worries if you don’t have it, you can use a normal screwdriver. Follow the steps given below:

    1. Turn over your laptop and open the screw attached to the DVD driver. Please remember that there is no need to open all other screws.

    2. After you have opened the screw, gently pull out the DVD driver with your hands.

    3. Now, mount your SSD drive on your Caddy properly by pushing it gently. Also, don’t forget to tighten the screws that are given on the backside of the caddy. This will give Caddy a stronghold on the SSD.

    4. Now take your DVD driver and take out the small metal filaments that are attached on the sides of the DVD driver. These filaments will be required while installing caddy inside your laptop. Here is the picture of the same.

    5. Now you have to remove the plastic strap/cover from the DVD drive by pressing the plastic locks with the help of some sharp object. And similarly, remove the small strap from Caddy too.

    6. After you have taken out the strap from the DVD driver now you have to install the same strapon Caddy. If you are using the appropriate Caddy then this strap will get installed easily on it.

    7. The final that you have to do is to align the caddy into your laptop. Gently push the caddy into DVD driver space and you will hear the sound of Click as it means the smooth installation. Now you can tighten the DVD driver screw and you are good to go.

    8. In case you are unable to tighten the screw then there might be a misalignment in the setup. You open all the screws of the back panel of your laptop and fix it.

    HDD + SSD: Replacing Your DVD/Optical Drive With an SSD or HDD (YouTube Video)

    Setting Up SSD In File Manager

    Well all this work is half done and you still need to set up the SSD in your file manager. Here are the simple steps that will help you in doing so:-

    1. Go to your File Manager. You won’t be seeing any SSD option there. Don’t worry.
    2. You need to shrink the storage as usual. Just click the manage button given on your display panel of the file manager.
    3. Now you have to explore the option of Disk Management given on the left side of your screen.
    4. Now you will see a new window. Simply, click the Ok button and your disk will shrink automatically. 
    5. As the installation process is done. Now you have to create a new volume and install windows os on it. You can install a new Windows OS on it or install the same as on your HDD by a bootable pen drive. You can also do the same with the help of some tools. They are really helpful and worth using. One such tool is Partition Wizard. You can download it free from the link given.

    Some Tips To Get The Best Results While SSD and HDD Simultaneously

    Here are some tips that will help you in getting the best results while using SSD and HDD at same time on your laptop.

    1. Always install the OS and heavy system apps on the SSD, so that you don’t face any lags while using them.
    2. Store all the data files on your HDD and all the frequently used applications on SSD. 
    3. Never Defragment the SSD. you can do the same with HDD.
    4. Enable the trim feature on your laptop. Here is how to do that:
      Open Command Prompt and type the command “fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify” and hit Enter. If the command shows =0 then the trim feature is enabled and if it shows =1 then it is disabled. You are done.
    5. Always create the backup of your device on an external device.
    6. Never fill your SSD storage to the fullest. You can leave 10 Gb empty for better results.

    Why You Should Use An SSD+HDD Combo?

    There are many benefits of using SSD+HDD combo. You get benefits of both the drives in the same device. While SSD offers you a remarkable speed and on the other hand HDD gives you an ample amount of space to store anything you want.

    Here you can store your critical files in SSD and other files on HDD. This kind of Hybridized system is nothing less than a boon for gamers and movie freaks. The only thing you have to do is to make the SSD the boot drive(Main Storage) by migrating the OS on it. Methods are already mentioned above. I hope I have answered the question.

    The Final Words

    Since SSDs are considered as a boost for slow systems these hybrid system setups are also gaining popularity as they provide freedom to both space and speed. You can access much storage as you want and also get better speed at your prior apps.

    And the good thing to know is that it doesn’t affect your PC in any aspect. I have mentioned everything in a detailed manner with simple steps and images for every step. This guide will surely  help you in installing an SSD+HDD combo on your laptop in a simple way.

    In case you face any issues while doing the setup, feel free to ask me in the comments section. I will be glad to help you. Share this article to your friends who are thinking to use the SSD+HDD combo on their laptops. 


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