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7 Signs That your system needs an SSD upgrade

    For sure, you might have heard the word SSD, somewhere. Well, SSD stands for “Solid-State Drive” one of the best internal components of a Computer. In this, article we have discussed some of the most important signs (symptoms) which justify that it’s time for an SSD Upgrade in the System. 

    Well, we want you to understand the advantages of SSD before jumping into the 7 Signs (symptoms)! Let’s go through the benefits of “Solid-State Drive”

    Advantages of Solid-State Drive (SSD)

    • 10x bootup speed comparing to HDD
    • SSD Absorbs more gravitational force comparing to HDD
    • The lifespan of SSD is 25x to HDD
    • SSD includes Min. 200MB/s to Max. 2000MB/s read and write speed
    • Within a fraction of time users can open files, documents, apps in their System
    • SSD acquire very low power consumptions comparing to HDD
    • HDD is noisier due to moving parts. Whereas, SSD stays silent due to NAND flash technology. 
    • SSD allows users to enjoy multi-tasking without any System lag.

    Once you upgrade your System with a reliable SSD, you can experience the stated benefits and enjoy operating your PC/Laptop.  

    featured image

    It’s time to have look at the different signs, which indicates your System needs a heart (SSD from HDD) replacement to stay fit & alive.

    When should you upgrade to SSD? (7 Signs)

    In case, if you find any of the Signs (Symptoms) in your Computer System kindly, upgrade your device with SSD. Careless or avoiding the fact will destroy your system’s lifespan.  It’s better to invest some amount, upgrading SSD in old PC/Laptop, instead of switching to a new one.  

    Here, are the signs! 

    1. Bad Boot Up Speed

    Does your system take too long for booting?

    If yes, it’s time to upgrade the system with SSD. For sure, it’s very annoying to wait a couple of minutes to start a system, some of your might have trained yourself with lots of patience. Stop compromising, you got better options to get rid of the annoying situation.

    slow booting time on HDD (laptop image_

    SSD will help your PC/Laptop to boot up 10x faster compared to HDD. It’s not a big deal to invest a few bucks to enhance the System Performance Speed. We would insist you settle down your Computer with Solid State Drive before it dies.

    I can give you an example from my own experience. My hp i3 laptop with 4GB RAM used to take around 2 to 3 minutes to boot up when I was using an HDD. However, once I upgrade the system to a SATA SSD, the boot time is just 15 seconds. This is the level of speed you will experience with an SSD.

    Read Also: How to reduce your system’s boot time with an SSD?

    2. The Annoying sound of HDD

    HDD is machinery that includes different parts such as Platters, Spindle, R/W head, Actuator, Actuator Axis & Actuator Arm. HDD platters keep on rotating to feed the accurate files or documents that are stored in your System. The murmuring sounds that you hear are of HDD platters and Actuators.

    All the parts should be functional to fetch files from the stored data. Hence, it’s considered to be noisy. You may get annoyed by this sound while doing work, some of you might have compromised to it. Well, we would insist you upgrade your PC/Laptop system with SDD.

    You can experience silent mode, once you add SDD to your Computer. SSD includes solid chips like Cache, Controller, NAND Flash Memory. Hence, no sound like HDD Platters. Work with peace and fun on your PC/Laptop.

    3. Low Read and Write Speed

    In case, if you’re finding it too difficult to transfer files from a local drive to an external drive or importing files from an external drive kindly, switch to SSD.

    You can gain up-to Min. 200MB/s to Max. 2000MB/s read and write speed, once you upgrade the PC/Laptop device with SSD. The R/W minimum speed is the same for all types of SSD considering the Brand, Price, technology, and GB. Whereas, the Maximum speed slab differs depending on the quality and purpose of SSD.

    slow copy pasting speed windows (image)

    Gamers prefer the best SSD with maximum storage and R/W speed to gain the best functional speed. The price of such SSD is way higher comparing to mid-range SSD. 

    Mid-range SSDs including 2.5″ SATA and M.2 SATA get your system with a reading speed of Up-to 560 MB/s and write Speed Up-to 500 MB/s. However, if your system supports an NVMe SSD and if you can afford it, the speed can reach up to 3 GB/s.

    Which is more than enough to transfer or import huge files from the external drive to System Storage. No more waiting, get the job done within a fraction of time.

    4. More Power consumption 

    Does your computer device is consuming more power? Well, the reason may be poor HDD. As discussed, earlier HDD is machinery that includes different parts such as Platters, Spindle, Actuators, and so on.

    All those parts need to be functional to access the storage or operate the System. HDD Platters keeps on rotating to be operational hence, consumes more power.

    Repeatedly charging laptops, might damage your battery cells. We would insist you prefer SSD for power efficiency.

    SSD consumes very low power consumption comparing to HDD. I have compared the power consumption of all SSDs in this article. Just give it a read.

    5. Too much time for installation or launch Applications

    Annoyed by poor speed launching or installing new apps on PC/Laptop? Well, upgrading your computer device with SSD will be the best decision. The “Solid-State Drive” will help you gain effective speed launching and installing new apps. The average SSD Read & Write speed is 10x faster comparing to HDD. 

    long application loading times (image)

    Once you, upgrade the system with SDD, you can enhance the actual speed of launching or installing apps on your PC/Laptop devices. Save time, enjoy the new experience by taking proper initiatives!

    6. System Lag, can’t perform multitasking!

    Feed up of System Lag? Want to perform multitasking on a PC/Laptop? The key solution in SSD. It’s obvious when, you prefer to initiate multiple tasks at the same time, your system with HDD will lag. Moreover, sometimes your computer might get stuck! You won’t be able to move the cursor, select or close programs. The last option is to RESTART the System.

    Google chrome is not responding (image)

    To get rid of the annoying situation you must prefer SSD. It’s will help you to gain 10x faster and reliable performance compared to HDD.

    7. Data Loss, if accidentally bumped out from Holdings!

    One of the worst situations is Data Loss. As discussed, earlier HDD is a piece of machinery that includes various components such as Platters, Spindle, R/W head, Actuator, Actuator Axis & Actuator Arm. The stated parts are connected to form a complete HDD machinery.

    Unfortunately, if the HDD bumps out of the holdings and falls, you might lose all your stored data. Moreover, the HDD parts might get damaged. The weight of HDD is 10x higher comparing to SSD hence, the situation might occur when it may get bumped out of the holdings. That would be a great loss, some of you might have experienced it.

    Switching to SSD will surely help you stay relaxed without any hesitation of losing data. It includes NAND flash memory hence, protects data even if it bumps out of the holdings. One of the great advantages of SSD is that it won’t let your data lose. 


    In this article, we have discussed the 7 Signs that indicate your system needs an SSD Upgrade! In case, if you find any of them in your computer device kindly, upgrade your system with SDD. For more information, you can read my SSD buying guide 2021.

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