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Silicon Power UD90 NVMe SSD: A new Budget-Friendly Gen 4 NVMe is here!

I am currently reviewing the all-new Silicon Power UD90 PCIe 4.0 SSD. I have recently got the 1TB variant and a detailed review is going to be available on SSD Sphere.

But, in this article, I want to share my initial overview and first impression. This new NVMe is surely one of the cheapest Gen 4 NVMe out there. So, it is totally acceptable to see some cons. Let’s talk about everything here. The prices of this SSD are going to be like this:

250GB: $39.99

SP UD90 NVMe SSD Front Image
SP UD90 NVMe SSD Package back Image

First of all, I want to talk something about the things I found on the official page.

The max. sequential read speed is 4800 MB/s and write speed is 4200 MB/s.

UD90 is a DRAM-Less SSD that uses the Host Memory Buffer as its cache. Also, it supports SLC caching to enhance random and sequential read/write operations.

Other supported technologies are LDPC, RAID, and E2E Data Protection.

So, I would like to say that this SSD is completely worth the price. If you look at its competitors, the prices of premium NVMe SSDs are way higher. So, if you are ok with these speed limits or if you are normal user, UD90 is going to serve you well.

However, the absence of DRAM can surely result in some people refusing this purchase.

UD90 comes with a 5-Years limited warranty period. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) is 1.5 Million hours.

If we talk about the TBW, the 1TB variant has 600TBW while the 500GB variant has 300TB and the 250GB variant has 200TB TBW respectively. I personally found these TBW limits enough for this price range.

So, with these numbers, we can say that this product is surely going to serve you for a good amount of time.

SP UD90 is a mid-range/budget NVMe SSD. So, if you are using a PCIe Gen 4 system and looking for an affordable NVMe, this one is going to fulfill all your needs. Impressively, it is backward compatible with PCIe 3.0 systems as well. This SSD supports NVMe 1.4.

So, I would definitely recommend going for this SSD if you are not a hardcore user or PC enthusiast. This SSD is surely made for average users who do not overclock or play games professionally. For your productivity tasks, studying, and content creation, UD90 is definitely going to be a good pick.

I am going to publish a complete review of UD90 which will cover everything you need to know about this latest and affordable NVMe Gen 4 SSD.

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