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uni Infinite USB-C to M.2 NVME & SATA SSD Enclosure Review

This one is a tool-free enclosure that supports both NVMe and SATA M.2 SSDs. You can check the complete list of supported SSDs on the official website.

The maximum supported speed for NVMe SSDs is 10 Gbps and 6 Gbps for SATA SSDs. However, this speed can vary depending on your SSD for sure. I have used it with both PC and Smartphone and found it pretty decently working.

uniAccessories | Infinite SSD Enclosure

Now, without any further discussions, let’s get started with our review.

This enclosure is compatible with NVME and SATA in sizes: 2242/2260/2280.

Support for

  • B+M Key with NVME/PCIe
  • B+M Key with NGFF/SATA
  • M Key with NVME/PCIe M.2 SSD

Most of the popular M.2 SATA and NVMe SSDs are supported with this enclosure. However, I would suggest you check this list before you proceed.

You will have to connect it through the Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 port for maximum performance. Connecting it to USB 3.0 or 2.0 will result in poor performance. It will work with SSD with up to 2TB storage capacity.


I am really impressed by the design of this enclosure. It is pretty lightweight (3.52 Ounces) yet with a strong build. The outer cover is made up of Aluminum. It comes with a thermal pad to ensure proper heat dissipation. The chipset is RTL9210B.

Inside the package, you will find two rubber fasteners instead of any metallic screws. The SSD can easily be fastened through this fastener just with bare hands. The installation will hardly take 2 minutes.

  1. Slide the metallic cover out and insert the SSD in its slot at a 30-degree angle
  1. Take the SSD fastener and attach it to the SSD’s notch
  1. Place the SSD in its place and rotate the fastener
  1. Put the cover back and connect to your computer

Then you can apply the thermal pad above the SSD. This is all you will have to do for the installation. Once the enclosure is connected to your system, a white LED light will glow up. You are ready to use your enclosure.

For more information on installation, you can refer to the user manual.

I have installed WD Green SN350 Gen 3 M.2 NVMe SSD inside the uni enclosure for testing purposes. Below are the benchmark results.

CDM Scores
AJA System Test
ATTO Sequential Score
ATTO Random Score

You can clearly see that this enclosure is reaching the speed limits that the company has claimed. During these tests, the heat was properly dissipated and I saw no thermal throttling at all. So, In terms of performance, I can surely recommend this enclosure.

On the official website, the uni Infinite is priced at $32.99. I think it is a fair price for an enclosure that supports both NVMe and SATA M.2 SSDs. The design and build is also worth it.

I have been using this enclosure since the last month. I must say that heat management is pretty impressive. I think I have discussed all the other important things here. It is easy to carry and operate as well. So, I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a good M.2 SATA or NVMe enclosure.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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