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Samsung 970 EVO Plus vs WD Blue SN570: Which one should you choose?

Samsung 970 EVO Plus is a little expensive compared to the WD Blue SN570. But, the speed offered by them looks similar. So, you are most probably confused between both. Don’t worry. I am here to clear up all your confusion.

WD Blue SN570 is a DRAM-Less SSD while Samsung 970 EVO Plus has a DRAM.

Samsung claims that the 2TB 970 EVO Plus can reach 3500/3300 MB/s data read/write speed. Western Digital, on the other hand, says that the 2TB SN570 can go up to 3500/3500 MB/s sequential data read/write speed. So, we are going to do some benchmark comparisons to see which one has better performance.

So, without any further delays, let’s get started.

SpecificationsWD Blue SN570Samsung 970 EVO Plus
Available Variants250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Interface/Form Factorx4 PCIe 3.0/NVMe/M.2 2280x4 PCIe 3.0 x4 Lanes/M.2 2280
Seq. Read SpeedUp to 3500 MB/sUp to 3500 MB/s
Seq. Write SpeedUp to 3500 MB/sUp to 3300 MB/s
Random Read 4K, QD32T16 (IOPS)
250GB: Up to 190K
Up to 360K
Up to 460K
2TB: Up to 600K

250GB: Up to 250K
Up to 480K
Up to 600K
Up to 620K
Random Write 4K, QD32T16 (IOPS)
250GB: Up to 210K
500GB: Up to 390K
1TB: Up to 450K
2TB: Up to 600K

250GB: Up to 550K
Up to 550K
Up to 550K
Up to 360K
Power Consumption5.3 W Maximum6 W Maximum
Warranty Period5 Years5 Years
Other SpecificationsProduct DatasheetProduct Datasheet

Check AmazonCheck Amazon

The tests are done on an Intel i5 12700K system with a DDR5 4700MHz RAM kit. 1TB variants of both SSDs are tested. SSDs are 0% filled during the tests and set as OS drives.

PassMark Scores Comparison between Samsung 970 Evo plus and WD Blue SN570 (Bar Graph)

CrystalDismMark is another simple-to-use storage benchmark software. It is generally used to run sequential and random system tests using different file sizes. The default sequential read/write test is 1M at Q8T1 and Q1T1. The default random read/write test is 4KB at Q32T1 and Q1T1. You can easily change these test types along with the total test file size.

Sequential read/write score comparison bar graph (sn570 vs samsung 970 Evo Plus)
Sequential read/write score comparison bar graph (sn570 vs samsung 970 Evo Plus)

The benchmark results were mixed here in CrystalDiskMark scores. Samsung 970 EVO Plus is clearly a winner if we talk about the random read-write performance. However, the sequential performance was almost similar the both.

AS SSD is another very popular storage benchmarking software. It again runs some random tests to test sequential and random performance. You can set the test size from 1GB to 10GB. It will give you a score that can be helpful to compare the performance of two different SSDs.

AS SSD Benchmark Scores Comparison Bar Graph (SN570 vs Samsung 970 EVO Plus)

Anvil’s Storage Utilities is our next benchmark software with a pretty simple interface. It runs all the tests automatically and gives you a final score. A higher number means better performance. It runs a wide array of tests including Seq 4MB, 4K, 4K QD4, 4K QD16, 32K, and 128K, in both read and write formats

Anvil storage utilities read/write scores comparison bar graph

According to all these Benchmarking tests, it’s clear that there is no undefeated winner. The results are mixed. But, I can say that the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is better when it comes to writing sequential and random data. However, SN570 is good at reading sequential read and writing data. Again, the differences are minimal and I think Blue SN570 has a strong edge over the 970 EVO Plus here.

Version (Capacity)WD Blue SN570 (TBW)Samsung 970 EVO Plus(TBW)
ParameterWD Blue SN570 WD Blue SN550
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)1.5 Million Hours1.5 Million Hours
Warranty Period5 Years 5 Years

Everything is similar here again. Only the 2TB variant of SN570 is having lesser TBW limit as compared to the 2TB 970 EVO Plus.

SpecificationWD Blue SN570 SSDSamsung 970 EVO Plus
NAND TypeSandisk’s TLC 3D NANDSamsung 3-bit MLC V-NAND
NAND Layers112 Layers92/96
ControllerWD ProprietarySamsung Phoenix
Controller ConfigurationsPenta-core, 8-Channels
CacheSLC CacheSLC Cache

WD Blue SN570 has a smaller amount of SLC Cache. This might be the reason why 970 EVO Plus beats the SN570 during the write operations. Again, Samsung 970 EVO Plus has DRAM which helps it with faster data mapping and retrieval. But, SN570 map this information on the NAND Flash itself.

As we discussed earlier, Samsung 970 EVO Plus is a little expensive between the both. But, I would suggest you check the latest prices before you make your purchase.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus is definitely a much more refined SSD as compared to the WD Blue SN570. It has DRAM along with a better controller. However, SN570 will give you a better price-to-performance ratio. So, if you want to save some money during this purchase, I would recommend going for SN750. But, if you just need good performance, go for Samsung 970 EVO Plus.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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