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How to update SAMSUNG SSD Firmware? (Step by Step)

    Usually, we are fond of updating the latest software version in our phone device and OS. Updating to the latest version, lets us enjoy new features. Moreover, it helps the device to perform better. Similarly, SSDs can perform better, if you update them with the latest Firmware. In this article, I have described relevant steps to update the latest Firmware for Samsung SSDs.

    In case, if you have upgraded your Operating System with any of the Samsung SSDs then, this article is a must for you. Investing a few minutes reading the article will help you to understand the necessary steps to update Samsung SSD Firmware. Moreover, this blog can be considered as a detailed guide for Samsung Magician Software.

    Nowadays, the majority of SSD brands such as Samsung, Kingston, Crucial, etc. have introduced their SSD-based Software. Making use of random SSD-based software may damage your SSD, corrupt data, or decrease the actual lifespan of the SSD. Hence, I would recommend you make use of the compatible SSD software to have a health check-up of SSD.

    Ok, let’s get into the actual topic. Here, we are discussing Samsung Magician Software which is mainly meant for Samsung SSDs. Almost, all the latest models of Samsung SSDs are compatible with Samsung Magician Software. However, you can check the compatible SSDs list in the official Samsung portal

    Steps to update Samsung SSD with latest Firmware

    Well, updating the latest Firmware for Samsung SSD using Samsung Magician Software is one of the simplest tasks. Within a few minutes you can complete the whole process, simply implement the below-stated steps in your Operating System.

    Step 1: Download Samsung Magician Software

    • Firstly, visit the Official Samsung portal
    • Scroll down a bit to find “Magician Software” 
    • Now, click on Download. (Look at the above image for better understanding)

    You can directly download the Samsung Magician Software: Click to Download 

    Note: Following the above steps will help you to get the latest version of Samsung Magician Software.  

    Step 2: Install Samsung Magician Software in OS

    1. Open the downloaded file “Samsung Magician Software” 
    2. Right-click on it and to “Extract Files” 
    3. Click on it, to extract Samsung Magician files. 
    1. Once done, Right-click on Samsung Magician Software 
    2. Now, click on “Run as administrator” to proceed further
    1. You will find a pop-up stating “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Simply, click on “YES” to proceed further. 
    1. Now, if you want to choose a new destination path, you can or else simply click on the OK tab. 
    1. Now, you will be prompted to select the language. You can choose the favorable language from the given list, and click the OK tab. 
    1. Now, click on the Next tab to continue with the installation process. 
    1. Kindly, select the option “I accept the agreement” and click on the NEXT tab.
    1. Now, you have to give a checkmark on “Create a desktop icon” and click on the NEXT tab. Have a look at the above-given image for better understanding. 
    1. The Next step is to click on the “Install” option. 
    1. The installation process will consume some time “Few seconds” kindly, wait till it gets completed. 
    1. The final step for the installation process is to click on the “Finish” tab. Once done, refresh your PC/Laptop. 

    Step 3: Launch the Samsung Magician Software to update the latest Firmware.

    1. Simply, double click on Samsung Magician Software to launch it. “You will find it in Desktop” 
    2. The Software will scan for installed SSDs kindly, wait for a few seconds.
    1. In case, if you have installed more than one SSDs kindly, select the Samsung SSD from the given drop-down box. 
    2. Once done, you will find the current health status of your Samsung SSD and Firmware Version. 
    3. You will find an “Update” option if any new firmware update is available for a particular Samsung SSD. 
    4. Kindly, click on Update to proceed further. 
    1. You will find a pop-up stating Firmware Update kindly, click on YES to proceed further. 
    1. The firmware update will consume some time kindly, wait till it gets completed. Meanwhile, you can save any of the current files or docs that you’re working on. 
    1. You will get a pop-up stating “Latest Firmware download completed System will be shut down now” Within 15 seconds your system will restart, make sure to save active files or docs if any. Moreover, you can skip the 15-second timer by clicking on the Shutdown tab.
    1. Once your system is active kindly, launch the Samsung Magician Software to make sure whether the Samsung drive is installed with the latest Firmware. Have a look at the above image for a better understanding. 

    That’s it! You have successfully updated the latest Firmware in your Samsung SSD. 

    Benefits of Samsung Magician Software 

    Check out the benefits (features) of Samsung Magician Software. You can make use of each feature after installing the Samsung Magician Software in your Operating System. 

    1. Have routine health check-up for Samsung SSDs
    2. Boost-up Read/Write Speed
    3. Performance benchmark 
    4. Delete temp “unwanted files” increase storage
    5. Perform Secure erase 
    6. Diagnostic Scan for SSD
    7. OS Optimization 
    8. Collect detailed info for SSD
    9. Fix minor bugs 
    10. Perform, PSID Revert
    11. Check for the latest Firmware update and install the same.


    Hope you enjoyed the article! Simply, follow the stated steps to update the latest Firmware in your Samsung SSDs. In case, if you have any queries or doubts do let me know in the comment section. I’ll look into it. 

    Thanks for reading!

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