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Kingston KC3000 vs WD Black SN850: Picking the Right NVMe SSD for You

Kingston KC3000 and WD Black SN850 are two very popular Gen 4 NVMe SSDs. Both of them have established a good market reputation as well. So, if you are searching for the best NVMe SSD for gaming or any other purpose, it is expected that you will see both of these in the list.

Choosing between the both isn’t that hard though.

Let’s talk about the performance first. The KC3000 can give you up to 7000 MB/s Read and 7000 MB/s Write speed. I am talking about the top variant i.e. 4TB variant here.

If we look at the SN850, it can reach up to 7000 MB/s Read and 5100MB/s Write speed. Again, this is for the 2TB variant of SN850. The lower storage variants may give much lower data read/write speed.

So, the difference between the data read speed is nothing. But, the KC3000 can give you 1900 MB/s higher data write speed which is a big number in itself.

Other things are also there which we will discuss later on. So, let’s get started.

Let’s discuss the differences in the theoretical specifications of both these SSDs.

SpecificationKingston KC3000WD Black SN850
Storage Variants512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Theoretical Read Speed (Seq)Up to 7,000 MB/sUp to 7,000 MB/s
Theoretical Write Speed (Seq)Up to 7,000 MB/sUp to 5,300 MB/s
Random Read SpeedUp to 1,000K IOPSUp to 1,000K IOPS
Random Write SpeedUp to 1,000K IOPSUp to 1,000K IOPS
Warranty5 Years5 Years
Heatsink OptionNot AvailableAvailable
EncryptionNot AvailableNot Available

In theory, there seems a very small difference in the performance of both.

Only the benchmark results can prove which one is the best SSD for performance grabbers. As we know, these SSDs are built for top-notch performance, you can expect some serious power from them.

In a head-to-head comparison between the Kingston KC3000 and the WD Black SN850 SSDs, the KC3000 emerges as the victor, albeit by a narrow margin, in various benchmark tests. This small yet significant lead in benchmarks underscores the KC3000’s efficiency in delivering swift data transfers, speedy application load times, and seamless multitasking. While both SSDs exhibit remarkable performance, the KC3000’s consistent edge in benchmark results solidifies its position as a high-performing storage solution that can elevate user experience to the next level.

As we all know, its very important to compare the total endurance of the SSDs before purchasing them. So, let’s see which one of these is good for you in terms of reliability.

ParameterKingston KC3000Crucial P5 Plus
TBW512GB: 400 TBW
1TB: 800 TBW
2TB: 1,600 TBW
4TB: 3,200 TBW
500TB: 300 TBW
1TB: 600 TBW
2TB: 1,200 TBW
Warranty5-Years Limited Warranty5-Years Limited Warranty
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)1.80 Million Hours1.75 Million Hours

In conclusion, the Kingston KC3000 takes the lead in terms of endurance, boasting higher TBW ratings across a range of capacities when compared to the Crucial P5 Plus. This makes the KC3000 an attractive choice for users seeking robust, long-lasting storage capabilities to accommodate their data-intensive activities.

Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationKingston KC3000WD Black SN850
NAND Flash TypeMicron’s TLCSandisk’s TLC
NAND Flash Layers176136
ControllerPhison E18WD Black G2
Controller ConfigurationsTriple-R5, 8-Channels8-Channels
Heatsink OptionNot AvailableAvailable
EncryptionNot AvailableAvailable

It’s evident that both drives offer exceptional performance and reliability. The KC3000 impresses with its consistent lead in benchmark tests, showcasing its ability to handle data-intensive tasks with a slight edge over the P5 Plus. Moreover, the KC3000’s remarkable Total Bytes Written (TBW) ratings across various capacities underline its robust endurance, making it a compelling option for users seeking a storage solution that can stand up to intensive write operations over time.

On the other side, the WD Black SN850 refuses to be overshadowed, presenting a strong performance profile that’s matched by its own commendable TBW figures. This SSD boasts WD’s reputation for quality and innovation, ensuring a dependable and speedy storage solution for a variety of applications.

If a slight performance edge and higher endurance are key priorities, the Kingston KC3000 is a worthy choice. Conversely, if you’re drawn to WD’s proven track record and brand reliability, the WD Black SN850 offers compelling features without significant compromise in performance or endurance.

Thanks for reading!

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