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ROG Strix SQ7 Gen4 SSD Specs Review: A hidden speedster.

This is the first time I am talking about any Asus ROG SSD on SSD Sphere. I am really impressed with their ROG Strix SQ7 Gen4 SSD. I recently found the drive on the official website and thought of writing a bit about it. Surely, I don’t have the drive. But, here is my short review of the drive.

Starting with its speed, the M.2 PCIe® Gen 4 ×4 NVMe® technology doesn’t hold back, offering read and write speeds of up to 7000 and 6000 MB/s respectively. I couldn’t help but marvel at how it manages to be 2X faster than a PCIe 3.0 SSD and a whopping 13X faster than a SATA SSD. This kind of speed means that file transfers are practically instantaneous, which saves a lot of precious time.

The core of this SSD, the 12 nm E18 controller, is paired with DRAM buffering and a large SLC cache. The size isn’t mentioned anywhere. It’s clear that the SSD is built with top-notch components, but hiding under the flood of top SSDs and brands’ huge marketing programs.

While the top SSD brands are cutting their specs like TLC NAND and encryption, I really like how this SSD is offering most of the required features and specs.

I appreciate the comprehensive hardware encryption it offers, ensuring data security is never compromised. Leveraging TCG Opal specification, IEEE 1667 standard protocol, and AES 256-bit disk and data encryption, I rest easy knowing my data is in a fortress.

A delightful addition to the package is the NTI Backup Now EZ software, facilitating complete data protection. It’s always a plus to have reliable backup software at your disposal. And speaking of disposals, the management of the drive is facilitated by the intuitive ROG SSD Dashboard software which keeps me informed about the device temperature and storage status, among other details.

What caught my eye was its compatibility not just with PCs but also with PlayStation™5, extending its utility and allowing for a versatile application. Gamers and professionals alike would find this feature beneficial, opening up new realms of possibilities.

I wasn’t able to find this SSD in any US online market. But, is available in Amazon UK and UAE. The price is surely going to be on the premium side because it comes with SLC Cache and DRAM buffer.

To put it succinctly, the ROG Strix SQ7 Gen4 SSD 1TB comes as a powerhouse, bringing forth groundbreaking speeds and robust security features, making it a reliable choice for a wide array of users. It champions both speed and safety, showing a promising propensity to be a market leader. This SSD doesn’t just perform, it excels, standing tall as a testament to what modern technology can achieve.

Final Thoughts

What particularly impresses me is the versatility it brings to the table, being a perfect fit for both PCs and PlayStation™5. This not only makes it a robust choice for gaming aficionados but also a reliable companion for professionals seeking a high-speed, secure storage solution.

As I delve deeper into its specifications, the inclusion of top-notch components and technologies such as a 12 nm E18 controller, DRAM buffering, and large SLC cache, assert the SSD’s promise of stability and a longer lifespan, promising users a hassle-free experience in the long run.

There is an issue there. Since the SSD market is crowded and the Gen 5.0 SSDs are not filling up the space for high-end users, this SSD might not be able to tackle the competition. Well, that is my opinion. The brand might have other plans for it.

Thanks for reading!

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